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Happyview*2: Carpool France

To go to one of my favorite places in the world, I used for the first time carpooling. I love to decide things last minute but the drawback is cost. The yield management used by transport companies makes it a luxury. But I found a transport company that has no yield policy : carpooling.

I used this site to find my ride and everything went smoothly. It was even a great experience. My fellow carpoolers were Nicolas, volcanologist, Guillaume, sound engineer and Caroline, teacher. I was in a Small car, my chin on my bag but I enjoyed so much the conversation that time flew. We talked, talked, talked and all started with the word happiness.

I will try to interview people only in English from now on. I am just not so much into translation and subtitles. You could also call it laziness ☺

Places: Kerner

I am asking everyone I meet what makes them happy. Now, I am starting my own list and I will begin with a place.

My family is from Brittany in the west part of France. When I go back, about 3 times a year, there is a place where I love to go for a walk at sunset: Kerner peninsula.
It’s a 1 minute walk from my mother’s house and right away, the color of the sky reflecting in the water is a candy for the eyes. Add to it, the seagulls dancing in the sky, the water clapping, the wind tickling, trees playing chinese shadows and you are looking at pure beauty. Every night is a new show and a happiness boost.


Direction: Kerner – Riantec – Bretagne – France

Story of Stuff

I don’t intend to give my own answers on this blog but I guess it will swet a bit because my choices, my writing is inspired by my believes.

In a past life, I was a buyer. I worked for companies that call themselves “Fast moving consumer good companies”. FMCG. It speaks for itself. As a buyer, I traveled to India, China, Pakistan… to buy stuff to make stuff. I saw, I draw conclusions and this video is explaining all the reasons why I decided to follow a new track.

If consumers, buyers, accountants, farmers, teachers, fathers, politicians… if each one of us takes responsability for his own action and the impact on all of us as one instrument in an orchestra, there is a new way possible. Yes, we can 😉 but it has to come from every individual at the “bottom”.

So the question is: is happiness and having a lot of stuff corelated?

Happyview*1: Advancia Incubator Paris France

The beginning of my quest for what makes people happy is marked by the end of a 6 month program in a business incubator. I found out that entrepreneurs look happier than the average. They are pursuing goals that seem to help them go through difficulties.

First Happyview, let’s find out what makes entrepreneurs within Advancia incubator happy.

What makes me happy after doing the video montage are the credits at the end 🙂

Advancia Paris France MAP

What makes them happy:
When I am at peace with myself
* When I make others happy
* Playing with my dog
* Be with my family, my friends
* Skying
* When I have time to reflect
* A smile
* To be loved
* When I have projects
* To share
* To be in love
* Professional success

Life lessons they learned:
* To have dreams and go for it
* Be ambitious
* Appreciate what you have and your luck
* Dare, try and don’t give up
* Don’t worry too much
* To have a dream
* Carpe Diem
* Enjoy life
* Work hard, never avoid, be zen and less intellectual
* Use empathy
* Stay yourself, talk more
* Do what you love

For starters

This morning I looked at pictures from 2008.
Part 1
Part 2
Part 3

There is a lot of pictures reflecting our world’s afflictions. And with my course of life, I can only imagine fear, distress, hunger, desperation… This Blog is a tribute to all the people who  are raising the happiness level on the planet no matter what.

So let’s follow the track of happiness. Can people see the beauty of this world? Do they believe in it? What do they do to shape it?

I will try to go and meet the people from different corners to ask them what are the keys to their happiness.

Follow my moodsteps 🙂

Sometines it looks like SciFi
((Fabrice Coffrini/AFP/Getty Images)

This one was a bit of a choc. I lived 3 years in Korea when I was a teenager and this door is an important symbol. To see it in flames like if it was a hollywood movie is unreal.
(Kim Jae-hwan/AFP/Getty Images)

Alone and not because he is watched by the camera.

I don’t know?!
(AP Photo/Greg Baker)

This photo makes me so happy! It looks like a tibetan mandala, a jewel, a giant jellyfish, whatever… Exploring the universe is beautiful 🙂
(Maximilien Brice, © CERN)

Two worlds.
(AP Photo/Emilio Morenatti)

I had a dream when I was 25 and that’s a good sum-up
REUTERS/Sigit Pamungkas)

In a glimpse.
(REUTERS/Kevin Coombs)

No comment. Yes there is: “no comment”.

There is so many more incredible pictures

Happy new Year!


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