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Fév 12

Happy like a Poppy

Happy go lucky Directed by Mike Leigh. With Sally Hawkins, Elliot Cowan, Alexis Zegerman. The simple story of Poppy, a light hearted 30 year old woman who is insightful and foolish at the same time. Happy Go lucky is really a movie talking about happiness. You might find it a... Lire la suite →
Fév 05

Are you synthesizing happiness?

Last week, I was with a student and I told her to open her door to all possibilities. I also told her how when possibilities arise she can find answers by finding a peaceful place, visualising options and listening to her emotions. Was it wrong? Is our future simulating system... Lire la suite →
Jan 29

Happyview*2: Carpool France

To go to one of my favorite places in the world, I used for the first time carpooling. I love to decide things last minute but the drawback is cost. The yield management used by transport companies makes it a luxury. But I found a transport company that has no... Lire la suite →
Jan 22

Places: Kerner

I am asking everyone I meet what makes them happy. Now, I am starting my own list and I will begin with a place. My family is from Brittany in the west part of France. When I go back, about 3 times a year, there is a place where I... Lire la suite →
Jan 15

Story of Stuff

I don’t intend to give my own answers on this blog but I guess it will swet a bit because my choices, my writing is inspired by my believes. In a past life, I was a buyer. I worked for companies that call themselves “Fast moving consumer good companies”. FMCG.... Lire la suite →
Jan 08