I don’t intend to give my own answers on this blog but I guess it will swet a bit because my choices, my writing is inspired by my believes.

In a past life, I was a buyer. I worked for companies that call themselves “Fast moving consumer good companies”. FMCG. It speaks for itself. As a buyer, I traveled to India, China, Pakistan… to buy stuff to make stuff. I saw, I draw conclusions and this video is explaining all the reasons why I decided to follow a new track.

If consumers, buyers, accountants, farmers, teachers, fathers, politicians… if each one of us takes responsability for his own action and the impact on all of us as one instrument in an orchestra, there is a new way possible. Yes, we can 😉 but it has to come from every individual at the “bottom”.

So the question is: is happiness and having a lot of stuff corelated?