step firestep seestep greenThere is no recipe for happiness.

Astounding. I have a blog about happiness trying to conceptualise it and now I say there is no recipe.

It’s true. For me. Everything I write on this blog is my path on happiness. Those are the steps I made to understand my truth. I guess there are as many ways to reach happiness as there are individuals.

So yes you can try to squeeze happiness in a book or an application but true happiness is boundless and there could be as many books as people. My happiness is what you may sense in this blog through words. But It’s a every moment appreciation.

Happiness is a cursor. Happiness leads you to your true self.

True self could sound mystic but let’s take out the glitter. True self is for me when my thoughts, my emotions, my acts, my heart are in sync.

Happiness opens the doors of compassion, love, excitement, peace.

It’s the flow of coincidences, the smile, the quick steps on the pavements. Happiness is confidence, the eye quick to catch. Happiness floats around you, generous.

Sure now I can look back and see the books, the people, the events that touched me but take those same books, people, events and throw them at me in a different timing and I would have heard nothing.

There is no recipe to happiness. There is a questioning and a listening to the answer that can come in any shape like a dialogue with yourself.