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Happyview*6: Vienna – Austria

I danced. I spun and spun. I’ve been Dizzy. I experienced a great sens of joy.

At first when Glenneroo (glenn /silly + kangaroo /bouncy = glenneroo / bouncing sillyness ) told me about mobile clubbing, I heard this little voice in my head saying : « don’t be up-tight, go and see. Get outside your comfort zone ». My little voice is always a good adviser so I said “OK ! Let’s go and dance in the middle of the MuseumsQuartier in Vienna.”
I have to confess that I have some difficulties with public display. Sometime I sound like an old lady ☺ Well, when I joined the group, I was using my camera as a protection to stay an observer. Then I started to dance, again, like an old lady.

But before going further and to fully understand my deepest experience in Vienna, you have to know a strange fact.

Exhibit A:


Exhibit B:

exhibit B

Exhibit C:

exhibit C

Exhibit D:

Exhibit D

Exhibit E:

Exhibit E

Vienna is a giant umbrella cemetery. Here, are coming the wealthy umbrellas of the world to have a beautiful end. Braves, they come to the windy city Vienna for a last dance with the wind. Some open completly toward the sky. Others wave like break dancers or embrass their holders.
So now you follow me ?  Vienna was very windy when I was there. Cold windy. It was raining and my hands were missing the warmth of the glove. I am very sensitive to cold.

I started to dance; like an old lady as you remember now. Then as we moved toward the center of the gigantic court, the rythm of movements slowly rocks you into a fabulous feeling of freedom. Then you let go of self judgment and you start to feel the air blowing its gentle strongness… Strongness! That can’t be right. Excuse my English but I just was thrilled. I was out of space and time. My hands and feet were warm. I felt an extreme well being but didn’t name it at the time.

At this very moment, a fellow dancer taped on my shoulder. I opened my eyes and he said: “Is this happiness?” At this moment I realised that I  lived a great joy that is part for me of a happy life but I was suddenly brought back by the same question I am asking everyone. “What is happiness?”

Several persons I interviewed during this trip asked me what was my vision of happiness and my answer is always different. At this very moment in Vienna, it was: happiness is being here and now. Several people in the happyviews had this learning as a life lesson. I believe that’s what they meant.

Happyview*5: Berlin to Prague

Happiness in Berlin! I didn’t really connect with the city so I come back almost empty handed. Luckily, on my last night I met Tino. It lasted 10 minutes but he was so enthusiastic and friendly that we did an interview while waiting for the metro.

I then went to Prague where I met incredibly welcoming people, an international crowd in fact. I had a lot of fun but also loved the city. It’s a beauty.

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