This morning I looked at pictures from 2008.
Part 1
Part 2
Part 3

There is a lot of pictures reflecting our world’s afflictions. And with my course of life, I can only imagine fear, distress, hunger, desperation… This Blog is a tribute to all the people who  are raising the happiness level on the planet no matter what.

So let’s follow the track of happiness. Can people see the beauty of this world? Do they believe in it? What do they do to shape it?

I will try to go and meet the people from different corners to ask them what are the keys to their happiness.

Follow my moodsteps 🙂

Sometines it looks like SciFi
((Fabrice Coffrini/AFP/Getty Images)

This one was a bit of a choc. I lived 3 years in Korea when I was a teenager and this door is an important symbol. To see it in flames like if it was a hollywood movie is unreal.
(Kim Jae-hwan/AFP/Getty Images)

Alone and not because he is watched by the camera.

I don’t know?!
(AP Photo/Greg Baker)

This photo makes me so happy! It looks like a tibetan mandala, a jewel, a giant jellyfish, whatever… Exploring the universe is beautiful 🙂
(Maximilien Brice, © CERN)

Two worlds.
(AP Photo/Emilio Morenatti)

I had a dream when I was 25 and that’s a good sum-up
REUTERS/Sigit Pamungkas)

In a glimpse.
(REUTERS/Kevin Coombs)

No comment. Yes there is: “no comment”.

There is so many more incredible pictures

Happy new Year!